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Vivim's Service Suite

Our team specializes in building full-stack web, iOS, and Android development services, including project management, requirement analysis, and quality assurance. We deliver intuitive enterprise-grade, stable, and scalable solutions.

Mobile App Development

We use modern technologies and methods to build scalable, enterprise-grade mobile products that allow our clients to succeed.

Web Application and Website Dev

From designing frontend and backend web applications. Our web development team works with Angular, React, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and PHP.

Brand Identity

We are a full-service design agency that offers prototyping, branding, UI/UX design for web and mobile products. We emphasize on consistent business identity and convey your brand values.

Blockchain Development

Development of private blockchains for businesses to leverage the right solution based on the use cases, along with the development and implementation of blockchain capable applications.

Our Niche Experience

Vivim provides scalable development and design solutions for businesses with demand for the digital segment. Discover the world of mobile and web development services for your niche. If you can think it, we can create it.

  • Travel

  • Healthcare

  • Logistics

  • Health & Fitness

  • Events

  • Taxi Booking

  • Marketplace

  • On-demand delivery

  • Real estate

  • Productivity

Engagement models

To meet the business requirement of each client, Vivim developed three engagement strategies to initiate and maintain a relationship with our clients and drive ongoing collaboration and success.

Extended Team

Extended Team

We provide a specialist or a team based on your requirement needs. You have the full control of the SDLC and access to the resources. Vivim takes full accountability for the performance and delivery of the individuals/teams.

Managed Products

Managed Products

We take full control over a project and co-develop and design a product with you. Our project managers will control the software development life cycle from grooming to planning to implementation and to support of the product.

On-Demand Services

On-Demand Services

If you need a team or expert for the one or multiple services such as DevOps/Ops, development, design or QA, our specialists would be glad to work with you. We manage the team and take full control over the delivery of service.

How we work

At Vivim, we are passionate about our craft and passionate about helping clients bring thoughtful, engaging, and profitable apps to the market by making our processes transparent.

Project Methodology

Project Methodology

We use flexible project methodologies to accomplish the desired outcome in an efficient and effective manner.

Frequent Communication

Frequent Communication

Transparency creates an environment where ideas and knowledge are shared towards common goals.

Regular Reports

Regular Reports

Reporting helps achieve results that provide value for the business. We believe that transparency is vital in SDLC.

Change management

Change management

Impact to the user is important. We can follow the rules that are set for your company to reduce the impact on the end user during the deployments.

Project Support

Project Support

The account manager is a point of contact for your business, we need to make sure that you will always be satisfied with our service.

Post-release tech support

Post-release tech support

Post-release support allows us to continuously develop and improve your services’ quality to exceed the expectations of your end-users.

We just don't develop it, we perfect it

We constantly refine our software development life-cycle to develop more effecient workflows that let us make better software faster.



We are with you every step of the way. We analyze and groom your requirements, so our talented team of Denver developers will craft a detailed action plan with technology stack and the product concept of a future app on how best to accomplish the desired outcome in an efficient and effective manner within the budget.



We create the wireframes based on the requirements received, we start working on a product prototype before our design team starts working on UI design for your future app. We place emphasis on keeping the aesthetic on-brand as well as keeping the layout clean, approachable, and easy to navigate.



Expert developers implement the design and offer incremental previews and analysis to ensure the app is on target from a development and timing perspective. We split our work into iterations where each last for two weeks that help us to report the results in a timely manner. We are driven by the desire to create apps that people will use and enjoy, apps that will make money for our clients, and apps that top the charts.



We perform the testing with each iteration to keep the software stable and bug-free in early SDLC stage. After final revisions are complete, and the app is ready to go live, we work with you to seamlessly launch your app to app stores or launch your site to the web.



Post-release support services are available for a period required by you. We strive to continuously maintain and support an app after launch to improve the quality and meet always changing end users’ needs. Our agile team will make any enhancements to your application without any impact.

Technology Index

Leveraging our expertise, we design and develop apps that solve problems and enable users to engage with your brand in a new and exciting way for mobile, web, wearables, TV, and IoT.


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