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User Experience

We worked to create a user experience that is intuitive and chose an icon-based design that allows users to easily navigate the app. LocalMe features a main menu with four buttons – Home, Saved, History, and Settings. Users can further filter results by categories including dining, lodging, transportation, parking, shopping, and more. This level of customization offers efficient and effective support to tourists, creating a sense of security and informed consumerism that will naturally lead to increased sales and engagement with local businesses.

Local Me – iOS User Experience


Because LocalMe has a wide range of uses, it was important to create a design with universal appeal. To accomplish this, we leveraged attractive color palettes, easy-to-read fonts, and a crisp layout to create an inviting environment for users of all ages and levels tech-savvy. Further increasing the inviting feel of LocalMe, we created “Dave,” a friendly local who’s more than happy to show tourists around and tell them about the best spots known only to locals.

Local Me – iOS Design

Beacon Technology

By placing a network of beacons around your resort town and ski village, LocalMe is transformed form a virtual concierge service to a fully interactive app that tourists use to connect with local businesses, find events, and take advantage of promotions and special alerts. When a user is in close proximity to an individual beacon, a pre-programmed push notification is sent to their mobile device. These notifications range from special offers and event updates for around town, to safety and navigational tips on the slopes.

Local Me iOS Beacon Technology

Continuous Updates

LocalMe offers real-time updates to ensure local information is timely and correct, guaranteeing an exceptional user experience every time a user interacts with the app. In addition to updating our database of local information and resources, we are committed to continuous improvement from a development perspective as well. Using industry best practices, we provide continuous programming updates and offer support to clients and users alike.

Local Me iOS - Continuous Updates

A Win-Win

LocalMe is a powerful tool for both users trying to navigate resort towns and the small businesses located in these towns. This low-level Bluetooth technology, creates a truly interactive experience for visitors and allows businesses to disperse information about local hot spots, special deals, events, and safety thanks to beacon technology. Are you ready to help local businesses increase revenues by revolutionizing the way visitors experience your resort town? Contact us today to learn more about LocalMe.

Local Me iOS - A Win-Win

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