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mobile app design and development

Apple products are celebrated for their simple, elegant beauty, but do people really buy them because they’re beautiful? People are drawn to them because they are pleasant to use, and that’s because of their simple, uncluttered interfaces. User experience design, or “UX design,” is the idea of creating products that make people want to use them.

What are the main principles of UX design?A product needs to do something, do it well, and do it easily. Beauty is not so much a goal as it is the byproduct of an interface that is laid out in a logical, intuitive way. That said, UX design is about more than “usability.” A beautiful design provides a more pleasing user experience, although a flashy design can hurt the user experience by making the app harder to use.UX design and appsUX design principles may guide the creation of everything from websites to washing machines, but they are particularly important in mobile apps. Ease of use becomes critical. Devices used while on the move come with a built-in distraction level. No user is going to bother to read a help file while navigating a busy sidewalk and chatting with a friend. If it is not quickly apparent what the app does or how it does it, that app will just as quickly be deleted.Mobile devices bring other challenges. These devices are often owned by novice technology users, and it is important that they are not intimidated by the app. The most successful apps will be usable for novices and enthusiasts alike and will make maximum use of their limited screen space.UX design is about giving people what they want. It takes effort to keep an interface simple while still providing useful features, but that attention to detail is what will make an app successful. A great user experience will make an app stand out in a marketplace crowded with apps that do the same or similar things, even that app is produced by an unknown startup in competition with brand-name giants. Think of the loyalty inspired in users of Apple products: That’s what happens when using an app doesn’t just accomplish a task, but it also becomes an enjoyable experience.