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Trending Health Apps Stats and Facts

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The medical industry is the most regulated in the USA. People and government have to be assured that the products they are using are safe for their health. It makes it extremely hard to innovate and launch a new product. One has to strive to comply with the stringent regulations before they can hope to have their product approved for use.

However, many developers are taking up the challenge and creating products that serve to integrate mobile use into the operations of the health industry. Right from incorporating mobile technology into the provision of health services by medical practitioners, to the use of apps to promote healthy lifestyles, you can bet that the technology has found a firm footing in this sector. The uptake, however, has not been as smooth in other industries.

Latest trends to illustrate the growth of Health Applications

93% of doctors make use of mobile health apps on a daily basis
From the 2nd Annual HIMSS Mobile Technology Survey, there is widespread adoption of mobile technology in the healthcare industry. Both patients and care providers use mobile devices extensively. Of particular interest in this report are the physicians, of whom 93% use the devices on a daily basis. A further 80% adopt this technology in providing their patients with care. About 1 in 4 physicians surveyed reported that they have EHR systems with which they can receive clinical data from mobile devices, while 36% of them admitted to allowing their patients access to health records and information via their mobile devices.

Increased adoption of mobile and wearable technology

Even though the medical industry has been the slowest in the uptake of current technology, this is slowly changing. Wearable and mobile technologies are slowly and surely finding a firm foothold in the health sector. With devices like Apple Watch, Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin, and Google Watch, the technology is finally being adapted to enhance the quality of service given to patients. And as the technology advances by the day, there is bound to be an increase in its uptake as patients start looking for more convenient and comprehensive healthcare solutions.

247 million people using 40,000 health apps in the US

Almost every American citizen – 247 million people in number – is thought to have at least one healthcare app. The apps are downloaded for personal healthcare use. And there are approximately 40,000 mobile applications available for patient use.