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RepMove App: Is This Sales App Worth Trying Out?

RepMove Routing Sales App

Without a doubt, software developers are dedicated to creating apps that make business management a lot easier. Sales applications, for example, have simplified business administrative roles for business owners.

It is up to sales representatives to figure out the kind of applications that are designed or tailored to ease their sales processes (taking orders, managing accounts, etc.), giving them ample time to channel their energy on the bigger picture. One such sales management app is the RepMove app.

Understanding RepMove App

RepMove is a sales app whose main objective is to help its users remain organized and motivated throughout their daily activities. The app has several integrated features which when exploited maximumly can help drive and boost sales.

The platform is usable in keeping tabs on both active accounts (customers that are actively buying) and prospect or potential buyers. All the essential sales tasks are also accessible on the app even when those using it are on the move.

RepMove App Features (Free and Premium)

Below are all the features RepMove users stand to enjoy if they choose to work with the application:

Easy Management of Active Accounts and Prospects

Not only are sales reps able to track existing active customer accounts, but are able to keep tabs on potential customers too using this app. This way, sales generating opportunities are well exploited hence an increase in sales. Buyer and seller relationships are created and strengthened, and more energy is channeled towards winning new active accounts.

Calendar and Tasks

RepMove application helps its users manage meetings as reflected on its calendar feature. Management of other tasks displayed on the calendar is also simplified when reminders are set. Accomplishment of tasks on time is, therefore, easily achieved on this platform.

Daily Routes Planning

Sales representatives have no limit to the amount of sales that RepMove application can enable them to achieve in a day while using its routes navigation feature. Among the route navigation apps that can be integrated with RepMove app include Google Maps, Apple Maps, and any other compatible route planner app.

Using route planner apps is an efficient way through which sales reps maximize on profits. How? Not only do route navigation apps help in identifying economical routes but also help sales reps keep tabs on field teams. When route planners are used effectively, more tasks are accomplished on a daily basis resulting into higher returns.

Daily Mileage Reports Export Custom Options

These are reports with information regarding travelled distances by employees of a particular business. Upgrading to premium features on RepMove app gives the user a chance to receive mileage reports on their emails on a timeframe of their choice.

Motivational Quotes

Motivational quotes are part of RepMove app features, where the quotes are aimed at channeling and instilling the right energy towards the app users on a daily basis. It is the first step to enabling it’s users register a productive and successful sales day.

Simplified Import of Multiple Active Accounts and Prospects From Excel

Besides being able to import several active accounts and prospects from excel, RepMove application users also have the option of importing and sharing invites from email clients.

RepMove Pricing Plans

Besides the free plan, RepMove has advanced and premium plans for users who want to enjoy and utilize more flexible features. The free plan has limited features, compared to advanced and premium plans that come with unlimited features. In the free plan, for example, you can only add 10 accounts/prospects whereas the premium plan offers unlimited numbers of accounts.

The free plan only allows addition of 5 tasks per account, but the advanced and premium plans have unlimited offers on the same. On payment, both advanced and premium plans have a monthly fee of $10.99 and $99.00 annually.

Quick Facts About RepMove App

  • The app is available for download and free trial, with the option of unlocking more features through paid for plans.
  • The app can run across several operating systems (iOS, Android) or mobile devices using the same login credentials.
  • The app has more advanced features that are only accessible in premium plans. Such features include being able to import mileage reports into Microsoft’s excel.
  • The platform is planning to release an edition for larger enterprises in the future.

The Bottom Line

Just like any app, RepMove has its own pros and cons. That’s why there is a free trial to help gauge its usefulness for those who may want to give it a try. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting an app that leverages your business gains in the best way possible. Also, the only way to tell if a sales management app is worth the hype is by giving it a chance.