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Is the On-Demand economy a Bubble?

on-demand economy bubble

The overall tendency for anything that rises too fast is that it equally plummets as suddenly as it gained ground. But this won’t be the case with the On-Demand economy. Although a majority of businesses today are still operating on the traditional model that has been in operation since time immemorial, more and more owners are realizing that On-Demand and its advantages are here to stay. That’s why more and more industry leaders are embracing this model. Here are just a few of what these companies are doing to embrace the On-Demand Business concept.

  1. Ford Motors, in partnership with Uber and Lyft recently launched a platform called SharedStreets.
    • It’s a data platform intended to enable the private sector collaborate with cities on enhancing city mobility by leveraging data.
  2. Toyota, together with Mazda, Pizza Hut, Uber, Amazon and Didi, have developed an autonomous shuttle to be used in delivering people and orders to their destinations.
  3. General Motors has launched a Cadillac subscription service that allows members to experience 18 varied types of Cadillacs in a year in a service dubbed the BOOK.