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How To Develop A Strong Brand Identity For Your App

Just because an icon is the size of a thumbnail, doesn’t mean that it can’t carry a powerful punch. No matter the size of the product, marketing is a critical player in creating a successful application. It’s no secret that apps are the future of business. Mobile applications have become an integral part of every big brand, and have doubled in downloads consistently since 2012. Developing a strong brand is crucial in a standout product or app. Below are a few tips for developing a brand for a mobile app to get you noticed.

Name Your App

They say a name is worth more than gold. When developing a name for a brand, that is right on the money. A good name establishes the app with users, creating brand recognition. The more relevant the name is to the desired function of the app the better you will fare. Consider using two words combined as one word, or a play on words, anything which will capture the attention of the user. As with the design of the app, keep it simple. A name that doesn’t immediately convey the purpose of the app will only detract from usability.

Keen Eye On Design

Simplicity is the name of the game. Too many bells and whistles deters people from opening or continuing use of an app. Every app solves a problem by offering a solution. The solution can be symbolized with an app icon. An app icon helps users to quickly identify and relate with the app. Creativity is key in this process. Use high resolution images to attract, and keep, the gaze of a potential client. Keep typography bold, prominent and clutter free. Use ample white space around typography to portray a clean and crisp appearance. The app icon can be out of the box, but must be on-target and attractive. Ask yourself these questions of the design: Does the app look the same in sunlight as it looks inside a dark room? Similarly, does the font look the same or is as effective in another language? Above all, customers must know what you can do for them through the name and icon. Choose wisely!

User Interaction

A successful app engages the user past the initial novelty of a new app. Few apps prove valuable enough to procure the staying power of a user. It is vital for your app to serve a purpose rather than just market information. For example, the Starbucks app allows users to purchase coffee with their phone with ease.

Build Brand Identity

Brand identity is the consistent overall look of communications. Brand identity is different than name recognition. You want potential customers to remember who you are, and what service you provide.  Be strategic by building brand equity, and not just buzz for a campaign. To create a powerful identity it is important to maintain a consistent user interface that engages the user. Use the same personality and voice in the app as the rest of the communications from the business. Be sure the interface, colors, themes, sounds and designs reflect the company and feel of the app.

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