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How Does the On-Demand Economy Work?

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According to the Pew Internet Fact file on mobile ownership, 77% of Americans possess a smartphone and have the capability to connect to the internet. Various app markets make it possible to download applications from different publishers and allow consumers to access their services by a simple touch of the button. The On-Demand Economy uses this as its principal platform of operation.

The principal tool for on-demand business operations is the app. A company develops an application that is then distributed to potential users. The services and products from the company can then be accessed through the app. Those companies that invest significantly in the development of an app are the ones that reap maximum benefit in terms of client loyalty and increased sales. The great example is Uber.

Every aspect of the on-demand business, including the database and the software, is handled on a server through the back-end. This back-end also connects you to the third-party payment platforms that can help you handle and process payments as well as processing large volume orders and transactions.