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How Does the On-Demand Economy Work? – Operations

On-Demand Economy explains its operations

In On-demand, automation is the keyword. A larger part of the logistical and administrative tasks in a business can be automated. This is where technology (in terms of web and mobile applications) comes in. Through the the app platform, the customers are connected to the service providers they need. The service providers are freelancers or contractors in most cases.

The chief concern for the On-Demand business should be to make their clients happy as well as expanding their market reach. Knowing who your clients are is an important factor in ensuring their continued satisfaction. This will help you tailor your services to match the needs of your clientele. It may even be necessary to vet the service providers you choose to partner with to ensure that you only bring on board the very best. The focus of your business should be more on the people, and not just the technology driving the business .