11 Great Tools Mobile App Developers Use

11 Great Tools Mobile App Developers Use

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Did you know the average consumer has 65 apps on their smartphone or tablet?  Need movie times? There’s an app for that.  Looking to try a new restaurant? There’s an app for that, too!  In the last few years, the  mobile app development industry has experienced incredible growth.  Obviously consumer demand has be responsible to this dramatic rise in an industry that did not exist ten years ago.  However, more mobile apps are being developed today, and in rapid succession, then ever before?  In order to keep up with the growing demand, many mobile app developers are discovering that using the right tools makes all the difference.  Thankfully, there have been  a variety of wireframing tools created for this exact purpose.  Below are just some of the most useful wireframing tools  guaranteed to help shape their mobile app development.

Axure – An easy to use and quick tool, Axure allows you to use the drag and drop feature. This allows you to create interactive wireframes and mockups.

Framer – When a prototype is built on this particular tool, it’s an open source prototyping framework. Moreover, it provides the developer with instant feedback.

Proto – Primarily used for prototyping, this tool helps build interesting, fully interactive apps that  resemble the finished product.

iPlotz – With this tool, the developer can create clickable wireframes for websites and mobile applications. All the components can be easily linked or turned into hotspot links. They can even be added to the screen.

Mockups.me – This tool allows the developer to create interactive and collaborative wireframes of the application on browser, desktop and tablet. This provides the developer with more flexibility.

Balsamiq – This is quick and agile tool allows the developer to come up with a wide range of innovative ideas.

MockFlow – This particular tool easily checks the interactions between navigation flow or pages and provides the developer with an additional chat feature.

iPhone Mockup – As the name suggests, this tool helps a developer create iPhone mockup. It can be easily shared. In addition to this, the developer can choose from pencil style or illustration.

Mockingbird – With this tool, users can create multiple projects. They can also use tools and images to easily install a wide range of features in the final application.

UXPin – This is a very quick and easy tool. It helps create mock-ups and clickable prototypes. Its very attractive user interface offers developers numerous benefits.

WireFrame – With this tool, an app developer can create wireframes with a basic click and drag to draw user interface. It’s also possible to add a new URL and choose a specific mobile phone template or browser window.